Political Humor : Caption This

I’m not sure about a full thousand, but a picture is worth at least a few words, I think.  Let’s test that theory.

Here are a few pictures, culled from the photo ops, interviews, and daily activities of, well, let’s call them leaders.  Technically…

And what do we ask in return for providing these wonderful pictures?  

Captions.  Please provide some captions for us on these.  Pick one, pick all… we’re looking forward to seeing what comes up.  And above all, have fun.  It’s Saturday!

Picture #1

First Family, Melania, Donald and Barron Trump.

Picture #2

Nancy Pelosi.

Picture #3

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Picture #4

44th President Barack Obama.

Picture #5

National Security Advisor John Bolton.

Picture #6

Secretary Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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