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L.A. Times — Santa Ana, Ca — On Sunday a small plane carrying five people, crashed into a parking lot, near Costa Mesa’s South Coast Plaza mall, killing all five on board, no injuries were reported from the ground. On Monday the five killed had been identified, “Navid Hakimi, 32, of Los Angeles, Floria Hakimi, 62, of Danville, Scott Shepherd, 53, and Lara Shepherd, 42, of Diablo and Nasim Ghanadan, 29, of Alamo.”

The Capital Gazette — has for months been linking to a porn twitter account, mistakenly believing the account belonged to the Maryland Republican Party. According to the report The Republican National Committee’s official website hadn’t been notified when the Maryland Republican party changed their twitter handle (the @ name of a twitter user) @mdreps has been tweeting out porn links since Jan 2018, it also provide links to Monday afternoon the account was still linked on the GOP website. Maryland Republican Party executive director, Patrick O’Keefe explained to The Gazette, ““We did not (tell them). We updated it on our website and all our entities then though. Not notifying the RNC back in February was just an oversight.” The Maryland Republicans had request a freeze barring anyone from using the name, a request that apparently did not go through. 

Reuters — Dmitry Medvedev Russian Prime Minister said Monday, “This (Georgia’s entry to NATO) could provoke a terrible conflict. I don’t understand what they are doing this for,” he was speaking to Russia’s Kommersant newspaper. NATO leaders, since 2008 have promised Georgia that one day they would be NATO allies. Medvedev was asked about the NATO summit where the commitment to allowing Georgia entry was reaffirmed, “As for the recent NATO decision reaffirming its commitment to eventually admit Georgia, what can I say to this? It is an absolutely irresponsible position and a threat to peace.” 

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Bonus Note — For myself and Beth…And of course Any Doctor Who Fans! Or Marvel Fans! or You get the idea…

Scottish Actor David Tennant best known for his role as the 10th Doctor appeared on a show called “The Last Leg,” asked his thoughts about President Trump and Scotland liking the U.S. President, he said, “No we Effin’ don’t.” The clip does contain strong language.  

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