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The Hill — As President Trump heads to another rally on Saturday, this time in Ohio, The Hill reports that some GOP strategists fear over exposure, might hurt Republicans heading into the mid-terms, “He can distract and he can also overshadow,” said former Mitt Romney spokesperson Ryan Williams, he added, “he tends to make events about him rather than the candidate. That has the potential to be somewhat of a wildcard. He can say things that might distract from the overall message of the campaign.”

Others such as Corey Lewandowski believe the President is the only one that can “rev up the GOP.” Lewandowski feels that President Trump’s presence is “essential to counteract high turnout,” of the democrats.

Channel NewsAsia — Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Friday was interviewed by Channel NewsAsia during the interview he told author Lin Xueling, that he was confident that Kim Jong Un, “remains committed to denuclearisation.” he explained that the world should be “less nervous,” than it was before the summit, between President Trump and North Korean leader took place, he also told Xueling that, “The ultimate timeline for denuclearisation will be set by chairman Kim,” he said.

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#ObamaDay — Today is former President Obama’s birthday Joe Biden wished him well

Comedian Richard Lewis celebrated 24 years sober if he made “it til midnight,” on Saturday

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In the “I can’t drive 55” file

Programming Alert there will be a live rally thread post @ 6:25 p.m. eastern time, the rally is set to start at 6:30 p.m. eastern time.

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