White House Press Briefing 8/14/18

CNN — In light of the President’s tweets at and about Omarosa, former White House aide and Apprentice star, who has released three audio recordings she claims were secretly recorded while she was a member of both President Trump’s staff and a campaign staff member, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was asked several questions surrounding both President Trump Tweets, and Omarosa’s PR blitz for her book Unhinged. 

Some highlights 

Asked about President Trump’s tweet, in which the President once again calls Omarosa, crazy, a lowlife, and praises Chief of Staff General John Kelly for firing, “that dog,” and why Omarosa was hired in the first place, Sarah replies, “he wanted to give her a chance,” that the President is just, “voicing,” his “frustration” that Omarosa has shown no integrity “especially since she left the White House.”

Trump Tweet 8/14/18 4:31 a.m. 

Asked if she could “guarantee,” that there isn’t a tape where Donald Trump has used the N word, Sanders, says, “I can’t guarantee anything,” but adds, the President has answered this directly to the American people via tweet, and that she’s never heard him use the word.

Sanders also refused to answer if she herself has signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) but adds they are common things for employees to sign including those in the government with security clearances.  

Sanders also blames the “media’ for giving Omarosa a large platform,” to “someone who doesn’t have a lot of credibility,” and that only happened, “when she started attacking this President.” 

As a reminder Omarosa’s new book is called Unhinged: An Insider’s account of the Trump White House hit books stores on August 12th. President Trump has tweeted about Omarosa seven times, according to Twitter Archive. During an event on Saturday he answered a reporters question and called Omarosa a “lowlife.” 

Sanders also confirmed that the audio recording of President Trump speaking with Omarosa after she was fired, is genuine. 

The full Presser, it opens with an update from a Defense Department Spokesperson in regards to the remains that have been returned from North Korea. 

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