9/11 Observance At Flight 93 Memorial

Tower of Voices, a 93-ft-tall memorial with 40 wind chimes, representing the 40 passengers and crew members on Flight 93 who died on 9/11. Image from US Department of the Interior Twitter Account.

On Sunday, a new memorial to the Flight 93 victims was dedicated in the field where the jet crashed.  On September 11, 2001, a group of passengers overwhelmed the jihadists who had hijacked the plane and prevented the airliner from becoming yet another missile for the terrorists.

The memorial is called the Tower of Voices, and it contains a sequence of wind chimes that are designed to make sound in all but the calmest of weather. There are 40 unique chimes, one for each passenger, standing in a 93 foot tall structure.  What was once a quiet field is intended to be quiet no longer, but rather to stand as a reminder of heroism.

President Trump and the Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke were scheduled to speak not at the dedication on Sunday, but today.

In keeping with the notion of a deserved memorial, the list of those who were lost that day at the towers.  The list of those lost in Flight 93.  The list of those lost at the Pentagon.  These lists are provided and read every year, and some people may become overwhelmed by the size of them; a way to avoid that is by looking through the second and third links, where faces are provided with the names, before going back and clicking through the Ground Zero memorial.  

Please keep the victims and their families in your hearts and in your prayers.

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