11 Dead In China SUV Attack

SUV intentionally crashed into pedestrians in Hengdong China.

A man has been arrested after driving a red SUV through a crowd of people in the public square of Hengyang, in Hunan province, China.  According to ABC Australia, he has been identified by the police as Yang Zanyun, 54.

The most recent reports of casualties are 11 dead, 44 injured.

The square had been full of people gathering for a dancing event when the SUV attack happened just before 8 PM local time.  The aftermath of the attack was shared on social media.

Yang has served prison sentences for arson and assault.  Police waited until an initial investigation had been completed before providing the reason for the attack.  The local government has issued a statement on their public microblog, which has been translated into English by news groups such as The Guardian:

“[The suspect] has been sentenced many times for drug trafficking, theft, and other crimes, creating a desire for revenge on society,” the statement said.

The Guardian

After the vehicular strike, Yang exited the vehicle and began attacking people with a spade and a knife.  He was swarmed and bodily restrained by attendees until the police arrived.

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