“Conspiracy Theorist” Subpoenaed in Mueller Investigation

Roger Stone. Image captured by the News Blender

Author, political commentator, and conspiracy theorist, Jerome Corsi, has been subpoenaed by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office in regards to his communications with one-time Trump adviser Roger Stone, the New York Times was the first to report on Wednesday, and is expected to testify before a Grand Jury Friday.

Corsi’s lawyer, David Gray, told the New York Times, his client intends to “comply fully with the subpoena,” adding that he believes even though the subpoena is not topic specific, that the questions will center on Stone, WikiLeaks, the stolen DNC emails, and if Stone was forewarned about the public release of the emails with the goal of harming Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. 

In March Corsi’s name first appeared in connection with the Russian Probe by special counsel Robert Mueller’s office, when NBC News, reported that Ted Malloch, a “Trump ally,” who was detained at “Boston’s Logan Airport,” and questioned by FBI agents. 

Malloch told NBC News at the time, he was questioned in regards to Stone and Corsi and what if any their connections were to WikiLeaks and the stolen emails. 

The New York Times is also reporting that comedian and “left-wing political activist,” Randy Credico, has also been scheduled to testify before the Grand Jury on Friday, he told the Times, he’s planning on doing “impressions,” because that’s part of the “package,” he did say he was taking the Grand Jury seriously:

“I’m taking the grand jury very seriously but doing impressions is part of the package just to calm my nerves,” Credico added, “You got to give that grand jury some comic relief.”

The New York Times 

According to the article he too is expected to be asked questions about his friendship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, stating that Credico views Assange as a “hero,” he has also visited him three-times since the 2016 presidential election and his connection to Stone. 

The New York Times states that Stone has said, Credico was a “conduit to WikiLeaks telling him when dirt on Hillary Clinton would be released.” 

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