Dallas Police Department Fires Officer Who Shot Her Neighbor

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The AP is reporting that Amber Guyger, the DPD officer who has been charged with Manslaughter for the shooting and death of Botham Jean in his apartment on September 6, has been fired. Guyger has been out on bond and on administrative leave since her arrest.

Guyger, a DPD officer since 2013, was terminated after an internal affairs investigation found that she “engaged in adverse conduct” when she shot Jean,her neighbor and was subsequently arrested. The statement from the DPD states that Guyger can appeal her firing under civil service rules.

Officer Amber Guyger claims that she mistakenly entered what she believed to be her own apartment but was instead a neighboring unit. She found Jean there and shot him, believing him to be an intruder. His family, through their lawyer, states Jean was unarmed when he was shot.

Botham Jean’s death, at the hands of a white police officer, has sparked calls for justice, with speculation about preferential treatment because Guyger was a law enforcement officer and demands for her termination. Today’s action contradicts statements made by Chief Hall in recent days that she could not fire Guyger in the middle of a criminal investigation, the Dallas News reports.

The chief said at a town-hall meeting Tuesday that she couldn’t fire Guyger before an internal investigation was completed because of federal, state and local laws. She didn’t specify to which laws she was referring. Hall’s chief of staff, Thomas Taylor, said the internal investigation was on hold until a criminal investigation into Guyger was complete.

On Thursday, Hall released a statement saying she didn’t want to risk interfering with a criminal investigation by making a decision about Guyger’s employment.

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The criminal investigations continue – the Dallas Police Department has turned the case over to the Texas rangers who, when the investigation is finished, will turn the case over to the Dallas Country District Attorney’s office. The Dallas County District Attorney’s officeo is conducting an investigation of its own.

Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Beto O’Rourke, candidates in the Senate race, have both talked about Guyger’s case, with Cruz advocating to not blame police and O’Rourke advocating for justice for the black community.

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