Democrats Do Not Deserve To Win

Chuck Schumer at the Intrepid Museum. Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls.

I have heard more of Lindsey Graham than I wanted to over the past few days.  He has been sanctimonious and he has been offensive.  I’m used to that from him, though.

He’s also been right.

Not about everything, far from it.  His obsequious, inappropriate praise of Kavanaugh is stomach-turning.  But when he complains that Democrats were stating their intent to block or attack any nominee that Trump produced, he’s correct.  They were doing that.  Whether because of Trump or because of anger at Obama not being allowed to seat Scalia’s replacement, they intended to tear anyone down.  A saint could have been nominated, and they would have been attacked.

The Democrats should not be allowed to act as the beacons of morality on this.  Not while they act like professional mimes when it comes to the allegations against Keith Ellison, not when they promote Joe Biden, who’s had allegations of sexual indecency against him.  Certainly not when some prominent Democrat pundits are presenting Al Franken as if he’s the victim of a smear attack.

The Democrats are being as functionally immoral as they were when they rallied behind Bill Clinton during the 1990s, or when, during her Presidential run, they pretended that Hillary had taken no role in Bill’s defense while he was President.

It’s not that they aren’t hypocritical, either.  If you speak with Democrats they will insist that they are and always have been the party of honor and morality.  They support justice.  They support equality.  The only people who believe that they’ve never taken morality seriously are conservatives, who have a fundamentally different view of what morality is.

What has changed is not that the Democrats have suddenly become worthy guardians of decency.  They have not.  The shift is that the Republicans are no longer protecting conventional morality either.  

The Republicans are demonstrating that they are not worthy of my vote, whether through their attempts to ramrod Kavanaugh, the additional spending which was quietly passed today, or their continued funding of Planned Parenthood even as the Kermit Gosnell movie is in the theaters.

That in no way means that the Democrats are suddenly worthy of it.  If I condemn the Republicans because they’ve decided to become Democrat Plan B, it makes no sense to want to move to Democrat Plan A.

Democrats do not deserve to win.  Neither do the Republicans.  Neither of them will until they decide to make some fundamental changes.

Until they do, and do so for such a quantity of time that I feel they are serious, I reject them all.  It is my moral imperative to do so.  I can understand and defend a strategic vote for a Democrat, or a strategic vote for a Republican, in certain circumstances.  But none of them, at least at the national level, deserve them.

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