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Florence and Football

With the approaching hurricane named Florence hitting the east coast in a matter of hours, it appears it may have an impact on several games this weekend according to CBS Sports. The Carolina Panthers at Atlanta Falcons and the Indianapolis Colts at the Washington Redskins are just two of the games that may experience the wrath of Florence.

Sunday Games

For a complete list of last Sundays games and highlights see One  player that a had big game this weekend was Tyreek Hill with the Chiefs. Hill ran a kick return back 91 yards for a TD and caught two passes for TD’s from Mahomes reports

Another big game this weekend was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans Saints, where the score reflected a very offensive based game. The Bucs with Fitzpatrick at the wheel out scored the Saints 48-40.

Another game that started out as a route was the Chicago Bears vs Green Bay. The Bears started out with a 20-0 lead before falling to the Pack 23-24. Aaron Rodgers was injured early in the game before returning and putting on a passing clinic against the Bears. 

Thursday Night Football

With both teams coming off wins last weekend the Baltimore Ravens are meeting the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati. The Ravens are bringing their confusing and often blitzing  defense to take on Andy Dalton, AJ Green and Joe Mixon of the Bengals offense according to This AFC North contest is usually decided by one score so it should be a very entertaining game.


There were a slew of injuries to several teams’ key players this last Sunday, for a full report and list see ESPN. Players like Greg Olson TE of the Panthers, Marcus Mariota QB of the Titans and Leonard Fournette RB of the Jaguars are just a few who suffered injuries that caused their game time to be cut short.


With the first week down you have probably looked into your depth chart and wondered what next? Check your waiver wires, change out the players who were injured and keep your eyes open for standouts who may have to take on a bigger role. Or maybe they have showed they are ready for bigger pieces of the play book.

Trades are another way to get new talent for your lineup. Try to initiate the trade, that way it’s to your benefit. If someone is trying to do a trade with you, do your homework. They are not trading to help with your lineup. Fantasy players are very selfish and are out for themselves and their teams. There is most likely a reason they want to trade, so look at trades very carefully and see if they fit for you and your lineup.

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