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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Week 2, and the hits just keep coming. Notable players out for this weekend according to are the Seahawks starters, Wright, Baldwin and Wagner vs. Bears. The Browns, Josh Gordon is out vs. Saints with a hamstring injury.

Questionable players to start this weekend according to are big guns in the sport. Big Ben Roethlisberger QB for Pittsburgh, Aaron Rodgers QB for Green Bay and Marcus Mariota QB for the Titans are just a few that suffered injuries last weekend.

One of games to watch this weekend is the Jags vs. Pats. This will be a true offense verses defense game down in Florida. Elliot Harrison Analyst predicts this to be one of the top 18 games this season and a 17-14 victory by the Jags. You can see this game at 4:25 ET (CBS) on Sunday.

Another game to watch, in my opinion, is the New York Football Giants vs. America’s Team the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night. These are two teams still trying to find themselves. Each team has few notable players, but play each other extremely hard being division rivals. This could be a shootout, running back on running back, a classic smash mouth game. Ezekiel Elliot RB with Dallas the old school vet vs the new school RB for the Giants Shaquan Barkley. Who will finish on top, my guess, Giants 24-21.

Other games includePanthers at the FalconsColts at the Redskins, Texans at Titans, Eagles at Bucs, Chiefs at Steelers, Dolphins at the Jets, Chargers at Bills, Vikings at Packers, Browns at Saints, Lions at 49ers, Cardinals at Rams, Raiders at Broncos and Seahawks at the Bears on Monday night.


Breaking news in Football and Fantasy, Browns announce they will part ways with WR Josh Gordon on Monday, ESPN reports. The Browns have supported Gordon for years as he has battled substance abuse.

As I posted above there are many injuries this week that can effect your line up. ESPN’s injury report has a full list of out and questionable players.

Top starts this weekend include Doug Baldwin WR for Seattle out for the foreseeable future, Tylor Lockett should be in your lineup. According to ESPN, Cam Newton, Drew Breeze and Ben Roethlisberger top the chart for QB starts this week. They also list the top 3 RB and WR as Todd Gurley RB, Alvin Kamara RB, Ezekiel Elliot RB, Antonio Brown WR, Julio Jones WR and Odell Beckham Jr WR. For a full list of top players see ESPN.

Leagues are designated by either Standard Scoring or PPR (Points Per Reception). If you are in a PPR league it is important to watch your flex position. In most leagues the Flex position will be either a WR or RB and in some cases a TE. If you are PPR you will most likely fill your flex with a WR, or a TE if you have been blessed with two really good TE’s. If you are in a Standard scoring league you will usually want to start a RB as they tend to get more points in non-PPR leagues. The one monkey wrench that gets thrown into the mix is if you have a RB that is more of a pass receiver which is most of the teams schemes. Learn your leagues settings for each positions and place your players accordingly.

Bold Predictions

This weeks bold predictions I am going to stick with the Browns. Last week I was close with the prediction of them getting their first win against the Steelers. So this week I am doubling down with a win by the Browns against the Saints in a close one 27-24.

Next the Raiders will shock the world with a win in the Mile High City over the Denver Broncos in a 21-17.

I think there will be a bounce back game in a big way by the Bills against the LA Chargers. I predict a win for the Bills, with a score of 17-3.

This may not be a bold prediction with a big defeat, but I am going to predict a tie between the Texans and the Titans

Last but not least, the upset of the week the Jags will shut-out the Pats 24-0. this will be the first shut out at home for the Patriots since November 1993. You heard it here first. 

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