Fantasy to Football

Sunday/Monday Recap

The winners and losers according to from Sundays and Mondays games. The Falcons carried away a win against the Panthers while the Colts stomped the Redskins. The Titans put in a herculean effort to beat the Texans and the Bucs sailed away with a win against the 2017 Champion Eagles. The Chiefs put an arrow in the Steelers while the Dolphins drowned the Jets. The Chargers lit up the Bills and the Vikings and the Pac ended up in a stalemate 29-29. The Saints marched over the Browns and the 49’ers dug deep to bury the Lions. The Rams gave the Cardinals the golden horn in a shutout and the Jags mauled the Patriots. The Broncos bucked off the Raiders and the Cowboys wrangled the Giants. On Monday the Bears sank their teeth into the Seahawks for a win.

Highlight players include Patrick Mahomes, QB Kansas City Chiefs, with 6 touchdown passes giving him a total of 10 in his first two games. Also Ryan Fitzpatrick (Fitzmagic) QB Tampa Bay Buccaneers with his 4 touchdowns and one INT against the World Champion Eagles. And who would have guessed Blake Bortles QB Jacksonville Jaguars with his 4 touchdown performance against the New England Patriots as told by (Air & Ground NFL Players of the Week).

Power Rankings 

Going into Week 3 the Power Rankings for the top 5 teams are as follows according to

  1. Los Angles Rams: the Rams have outscored their first two opponents by a score of 67-13.
  2. Jacksonville Jaguars: defeated the New England Patriots, enough said.
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: have scored 80 points in two games beating the Chargers and the 2017 AFC North Champion (the Pittsburgh Steelers).
  4. Minnesota Vikings: with a 29-29 tie against the Packers and a win in week 1 its a toss up for 4th and 5th. 
  5. Green Bay Packers: With a 29-29 tie against the Vikings and a win in week one its a you pick-em for the 4th and 5th spots.

Thursday Night Football

The Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets each look to make improvements to their 2018 seasons. lists five reasons why you should be watching the game this Thursday Night. After all, someone has to win right, or could we have a third tie in the third week of this season? Can the Browns break their nearly two year loosing streak or do the Jets regain their week one poise against the Lions. Do we get to see the top two Quarter Backs drafted this year play head to head for rookie supremacy?


It’s a relatively quiet week for injuries, but for a full list please see for a full report. Players like Greg Olson TE, Panthers is still out for 4-5 weeks. Jarvis Landry WR, Browns is questionable with a hamstring, Russell Wilson QB, Seahawks is listed, but did participate fully in practice.


Fantasy Football can be a finicky thing. You can look at your team on Tuesday and say to yourself, “How can I loose?” Then Thursday comes along and your best player falls flat on his face. Don’t get discouraged, and above all do not second guess yourself. Match-ups are a thing in fantasy, your WR may be paired with a shutdown Cornerback or a speedy Safety. Maybe your RB is going against the best Run Defense in the league. No matter what it is, or who it is, you have to play them. If you try to take a flyer on a “what if” or “maybe”, you may regret it. Play each position individually, weigh the pro’s and con’s of the players you have. Look for potential high scoring games and see if you have players in those games. If you have a player, what are the odds of your player having a lights out game? Good luck, and have fun!

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