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Eddie Murphy as Gumby. Saturday Night Live.

We see a lot of politics around the web.  We also see a lot of animals around the web.  Personally, I find the animals a lot more enjoyable, but they’re less likely to restrict my liberties with new taxes and regulations (except for naked mole rats.  Never trust a naked mole rat with a petition in its claws.  Trust me on this.)

Another thing we see a lot of?  Movies and television.  They’re ubiquitous in our lives, and as a cultural touchstone they find their way into memes.  Many, many, memes.

Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.  Please feel free to add your own.  And, yes, you can obviously incorporate political and animal stuff into these… crossing over isn’t just for John Edward (there’s no “s”, so it’s the one who didn’t cheat on his dying wife).

Let’s start with superheroes.  Who doesn’t love a good superhero movie?

That’s about as disturbing as Disney gets.  No, wait, THIS is:

Thankfully, not everything’s dark in the world of pop culture memes.

And some lesser characters finally get their time to shine.

Current events are always good fodder for humor…

…and the best of them remain amusing a few years after they appear.

Sometimes the crossover between everyday life and movie quotes is apparent.

And, well, remember what I said about crossing over?

So, what are some of your favorite movie/television memes?

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