Humor – MEMES!

I get it, we’re a political site.

But we’re not supposed to be ONLY a political site.  We have polls, we have the Night Owl, we’ve got people writing about math and astrophysics (okay, those were political), we’ve got entertainment stuff and reviews.

Yesterday we were looking for some political memes, and there are a lot of them… but there are a lot of others out there, too, with less potential danger in their misuse.

The most popular among them are probably animal memes.  Memes really took off because of the ICanHasCheezburger site, after all, and cats still dominate the scene… even if they’ve been joined by dogs, birds, rodents, walruses and just about any other creature known to walk the Earth.

So, for a little weekend decompression and maybe a little smile without delving into politics (although maybe politics might sneak in, too)… animal memes, from us to you.  And from you to us, in the comments, should you want to make us laugh, too.

First, the one that started the avalanche…

Then, something every retriever owner will recognize.

Sometimes other pets need their respect.

And sometimes the cats grow beyond “house” size.

Some animals aren’t easy to pet.

And some regret their decisions.

So, what, if any, animal memes do you have floating around, political or non-?  

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