Humor – The Professionals

Eddie Murphy as Gumby. Saturday Night Live.

I’ve heard it said that humor is best left to the professionals.  Because I do, on some rare occasions, take advice, I decided to hunt up some pros and post clips to some of their work here.  Oh, and I included a few written jokes too, just to change things up.

Please, enjoy… and, after enjoying, please use the comment section below to post up some of your favorite clips or quote some of your favorite jokes (with attribution… we don’t want any Mike Barnicle business here) to lighten the weekend’s load for all and sundry.

Yes, I just wanted to use “sundry”.

Let’s start it with a quick hit from Steve Martin:

Then, some Gilda Radner from her stage show: (NSFW warning, she’s intentionally blue in this clip)

Stephen Wright is an underrated genius, of sorts.  Here’s a montage someone put together:

How about a couple of writers?  Here’s some Kinky Friedman:

“Somewhere in the universe there is a planet inhabited principally by sentient armadillos who occasionally carve up dead humans and sell them as baskets by the roadside.”

And some Terry Pratchett:

“Real cats don’t hunt for food, but because they love you.  And, because they love you, they realize that for some reason you have neglected to include in your house all those little personal touches that make it a home, and do their best to provide them.  Headless shrews are always popular.  For that extra splash of color, you can’t beat miniature sets of innards.  For best effect such items should be left somewhere they won’t be found for some days, and can have a chance to develop a personality of their own.”

I’m going to close it here with Bob Newhart, and ask you again to contribute your own afterward.  

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