Humor – Viva La Revalution!

Personal anecdote time.

My daughter is attending first grade.  In school, for “Fun Fridays”, the kids are allowed to make little crafting projects.  They’re also encouraged to practice their handwriting… letters, numbers, etc.

The school sends the kids home with the items they’ve created during the day, presumably because parents throughout the known world need more things stuck by magnet to refrigerator doors.

My wife was looking through the week’s worksheets and came across the Friday project.  It was a single, oversized sheet of paper with some writing on it.  The writing said:

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?  Viva La Revalution!

That is what the elementary school teacher watched my daughter write, what the other kids in the class probably had explained to them, and likely what a parent or two heard their child repeating this evening.

First, I want to make clear that kiddo has not been raised on a diet of Che Guevara, not in this household.  Far from it, she’s caused a few moments of discomfort when, in politically mixed company, she’s announced she’s a Libertarian because she likes a lot of freedom, and pie. (My wife was the one who gave her the basics of partisan philosophies.)  She just seems to love the phrase Viva La Revolution.

And, yes, I will speak to her about her spelling.

This is the same kid that walked into our bedroom at night (after knocking politely), wordlessly put a paper on the bed, and hurried out while giggling.  When we checked the paper, it had block lettering: THE TIME IS COMING.  PREPARE FOR IT.

I think I’m glad she didn’t write that one in class, or we might have gotten a visit from CPS.

I know I’m not the only person out there with a funny kid story, though… whether stories of your kids, of yourself as a kid, or just something you’ve encountered in your travels.

So, if you’re feeling so inclined… share!

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