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First up is Jerome Corsi, of the WorldNewsDaily –WND – fame.

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Sept. 21, 2018

Corsi is a Roger Stone cohort and it is suspected he’s going to be questioned for his connections to Stone.  He was scheduled to meet with a Mueller grand jury on September 7thCNN reported at the time, but that got postponed. ABC News carried the story yesterday to give us the update.

Twitter user Colin Seeberger brings us this from Zeke Miller, a White House reporter for Associated Press.

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Colin Seeberger
Sept. 21, 2018

According to the AP report, Cohen was seen leaving the “Federal courthouse in New York where he pleaded guilty a month ago.” He was seen leaving the courthouse at 1:30 p.m. Friday, but it wasn’t known what time he’d arrived and would only shake his head in the negative in response for comment about why he was there.

Here’s one brought to us from Twitter account Law & Crime Network. They have a YouTube channel and an online site.

This is done by Dan Abrams who often appears as a legal analyst for several MSM outlets and hosted Chasing Justice on Discovery’s ID. He is now bringing “Law & Crime Network,” a Dan Abrams Production, to the social media platform where they will be “covering the biggest legal and criminal cases in America.” You can watch some trials live.

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Law & Crime Network
Sept. 20, 2018

Elizabeth Smart’s captor Wanda Barzee is out of prison after only serving 15 years in the Utah Department of Corrections. Barzee is 72 years old now. She was released this past Wednesday. The Associated Press carried the story, reporting that Barzee was released “years earlier than expected” and that Smart said she will “not live in fear” and she is “moving forward with her life” after receiving the news of Barzee’s early release.

Barzee’s lawyer says she voluntarily agreed to stay away from places frequented by the Smart family. She’s prohibited from contacting any member of the family and must get mental health treatment.

Barzee will also have a 9 p.m. curfew.

Barzee will remain under federally supervised release for five years and could go back to prison if she violates the conditions of her release.

Associated Press; September 20, 2018

According a newly released report from The Salt Lake Tribune, “after serving her maximum sentence” it was only due to a loophole in the Utah state law that allowed Smart’s captor to be released early when “an inmate pleaded guilty and mentally ill” the inmate can qualify for time served.

However, where the loophole fails is there is no requirement for the inmate to actually receive treatment for mental illness before their release, and in Barzee’s case, she refused to accept treatment and was still released early. Utah state Rep Ken Ivory has proposed legislation “to close that gap.”

“The idea is [Barzee] gets some lesser sentence because she’s mentally ill,” he told The Salt Lake Tribune on Friday. “If someone’s getting a lesser sentence because of a mental impairment, they have to be treated. Otherwise, we need to just fall back to what the sentence would have been.”

The Salt Lake Tribune; September 21, 2018

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