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This is it, folks.  Step right up and win some covfefe!  Welcome to Off-Trump Betting!

The American political scene is abuzz today.  In typical Trumpian fashion, the obvious news of the day – the confirmation hearing of a new Supreme Court Justice – has been supplanted by a story about the President.

This time, however, it does not appear to be in accordance with the President’s wishes.  An op-ed was published yesterday that effectively explains that Trump is dangerously incompetent, and it is attributed to an anonymous senior White House official.

There hasn’t been this much curiosity over an unnamed writer since Primary Colors. And Bill Clinton didn’t want that author brought up on treason charges.

So, we’re wondering, like everyone else, who is it?  And we’re turning to some of the politically experienced readers here for the answers.

Let us know, in the comment section, who you think the writer is.  Side bets, such as when the person’s name is exposed, how many firings will come within a certain amount of time because of this and the upcoming Woodward book, or whether the President will attempt to sue the New York Times are highly encouraged.

Let us know your reasoning, too, if you would.  If there is enough interest, and the identity isn’t exposed by then, a larger piece with a breakdown of prime suspects will be coming on the weekend.

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