Political Humor – Initial Reactions

Many people claim to have outgrown juvenile humor.  I haven’t.  I’ve added to it, certainly; a particularly well-written comedy of manners or clever wordplay amuses me.  But just as one can appreciate both a fine steak and a simple hamburger, juvenile humor has its place.

After hearing one too many instances of elementary school taunting… “Chucky Shmucky Schumer”, “Donald Dump”, “Leaky Leahy”, “Stretch Pelosi”… I decided to challenge myself.  

CIA stands for both Central Intelligence Agency and Culinary Institute of America.  If some of these prominent politicians were to be described by a phrase using their initials, what would it be?

Here are a quick ten I came up with:

Donald J. Trump = Dopey Junk Toucher

Donald J. Trump Jr. = Derivative Jerk Tweeting Joylessly

Nancy Pelosi = Nattering Pinhead

Melania Trump = Miss Thing

Sarah Sanders = Sleazy Saleswoman

Cory Booker = Claimant Bogus

Paul Manafort = Prison Meat

Steve Bannon = Screwing Breitbart

Jeanine Pirro = Judge Pucker

Pete Sessions = Punked Statist

How many more names can you add, and which of mine can you top?

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