Political Humor – Linkbomb!

Today we’re “off-siting” the humor.  There are some great sites out there that either are, or can be used for, political humor.  Why not just direct you there, see what you think of them, and ask for comments here?

It seems like it’d be less work for us, and it’s Sunday, so less work seems good.

First, how about a site that generates randomized political slogans?

This site was found by Lenny.  It’s the Political Rhetoric Generator.  Want to find something for your local politician to say?  It’s right here, and I’ll give you some examples.

“My opponent is palling around with pharmaceutical companies, biased media insiders and corrupt politicians.”

“When I’m elected, I’ll make sure health care bureaucrats and Colombians can’t sabotage our powerful SUVs.”

“I will work for an America where 24-hour news networks and Monsanto cronies cannot corrupt our cellular plans.”

Then there’s simply fun with anagrams.  Wordsmith has a good anagram generator.  It becomes easy to learn that “Nancy Pelosi” is “a spiny clone”  “Melania Trump” is “um, alien tramp” and Michael Moore is an idiot.

Okay, that last one was just me editorializing.

So, what are you finding?  And do you have any suggestions for the next Linkbomb?

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