Political Humor – MEMES!

Memes!  Specifically, political memes!  Everyone loves them…

…except me.  I actually hate them.  They fall into my list of political hatred fairly close to the top, somewhere between Bernie Sanders and his policies: Bernie Sanders, political memes, Nancy Pelosi, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders’ policies, Duterte, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin.

Why do I hate them so?  Because they encourage diminishing every complex concept down to the simplicity of a T-shirt slogan.  Handing political memes to a society is the intellectual equivalent of handing a loaded gun to some sort of less-than-adult-human-gun-trigger-pulling-machine.

That said, I have to admit, they can be funny.  Uproarious, even (although “uproarious” is a word unlikely to find its way onto a meme.)

So, because I know that the readership here is comprised of intelligent people who recognize that a meme can be funny without necessarily representing the complete and absolute truth of a political position… it’s meme day.  Please enjoy some of the ones below, and feel very encouraged to post your own in the comment section.

Because at the end of a long week, we can all use a laugh.

Even Stalin agrees:

Trump would agree, but he’s focused on himself, and food.

And the Libertarians… I shouldn’t even bother asking what they’re focused on.

We finally have the truth behind Donald Trump’s apparent lunacy…

And a succinct defense of reason.

There’s a reflection on the nature of socialism…

…and a reflection on the nature of Dick Cheney.

Keep your meme files current, because we’ll be asking to see some more in a month or two.  Well, political memes.  It might be a touch sooner before we’re asking to peek at another category, like animal memes….

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