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White House aides narrow search for anonymous op-ed writer to a few people, source says

Aides to President Donald Trump believe they have the search for the anonymous author of the New York Times op-ed that shook the political world down to a few individuals, a source close to the White House told CNN on Friday.

Trump is still “obsessed” with finding the person, though he is being counseled by White House chief of staff John Kelly to let it pass, to avoid bringing more attention to the claims in the op-ed. The opinion piece was written by an anonymous senior administration official alleging an internal resistance to the President in his own administration.

CNN is not aware of the identity of the individuals White House aides have zeroed in on. In an interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Trump believes the individual is someone from the national security sector of the government.


Cohen seeks to vacate hush-money deal with Stormy Daniels

Michael Cohen’s shell company has reportedly moved to vacate a 2016 nondisclosure agreement with adult-film star Stormy Daniels, requesting that she return the $130,000 she received as part of the deal.

Cohen’s lawyer Brent Blakely said Friday that California law requires Daniels to return the money that Cohen paid her in 2016 to stay quiet about her alleged affair with President Trump in 2006, CNN reports.

“Today, Essential Consultants LLC and Michael Cohen have effectively put an end to the lawsuits filed against them by Stephanie Clifford aka Stormy Daniels,” Blakely told CNN.

The Hill

Accusations by ex-mistress of GOP mega donor Elliott Broidy go public

The onetime mistress of former deputy Republican National Committee Finance Chairman Elliott Broidy alleged in newly revealed court documents that she was physically abused by Broidy, and she charges that he was emboldened by President Donald Trump’s alleged mistreatment of women and belief that he could get away with it.

The disturbing new allegations about the relationship between Broidy, a Republican fundraiser and Trump supporter, and former Playboy model Shera Bechard were unsealed Friday by Judge Elizabeth Allen White in Los Angeles Superior Court. Broidy and Bechard had signed a $1.6 million agreement that was to be paid to Bechard for an undisclosed “personal injury.” The deal required the parties to keep the details of the relationship confidential, but the agreement was breached and it spilled into public view.


Pope tells bishops to fight abuse, culture behind it

 Pope Francis told newly ordained bishops Saturday that they must reject all forms of abuse and work in communion to fight the clerical culture that has fueled the sex abuse and cover-up scandal rocking his papacy.

Francis cited his recent letter about combatting abuse during an audience with 74 new bishops from 34 developing countries. The bishops were in Rome for training this week.

Their seminar took place during a crisis for the pope: a lone archbishop has alleged Francis covered up for a now-former U.S. cardinal who was accused of sexually molesting children and adult seminarians.


Columnist says Jared Kushner told her how to get back into Trump’s ‘good graces’

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd told the Australian Financial Review that President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, suggested she could write flattering columns and tweets in order to regain favor with President Trump

“I think you could get back in his good graces with a nice column and two nice tweets or two nice columns and a tweet,” Kushner reportedly told Dowd.

The suggestion came after Dowd called Trump a hypocrite during his 2016 campaign for criticizing former President Clinton’s marital infidelities and also reportedly asked him if he’d ever been involved with someone who had an abortion. Trump later that year called her a “neurotic dope.”“That’s not going to happen,” Dowd says she told Kushner. The conversation happened sometime after Trump became president, she told the paper.

The Hill

Top Trump Adviser Says Ted Cruz Could Lose Texas Senate Race

“There’s a very real possibility we will win a race for Senate in Florida and lose a race in Texas for Senate, O.K.?” Mr. Mulvaney said. “I don’t think it’s likely, but it’s a possibility. How likable is a candidate? That still counts.”

And Mr. Mulvaney alluded to last year’s special election for Senate in Alabama and suggested that Mr. Trump remained bewildered at his party’s defeat there. The Democratic nominee, Doug Jones, prevailed in a stunning upset over the Republican, Roy Moore, a polarizing former judge who was accused of once preying on teenage girls.

“The president asks me all the time, ‘Why did Roy Moore lose?’” Mr. Mulvaney said. “That’s easy. He was a terrible candidate.”

New York Times

From The “We Didn’t Know How To Measure” File

Poking around for the past

What started as a class reunion to uncover a time capsule turned into two unsuccessful hours in the hot sun Sunday trying to figure out where the time capsule was even buried. 

Classmates Karen Baker of Watervliet, Tracy Gilmer of Dowagiac, Cynthia LaGrow of Coloma, Stephen Smith of St. Joseph,  Nichole Cartwright of Coloma, Vernetta Meeks, Pete Molter, and their teachers Sandi Sanders and Marie Sineni came together to try to find the treasures they buried in 1988….

“It was an English class,” Sanders said. “We didn’t know how to measure.”

In fact, most of the class really couldn’t remember where they put the box, but they said they are pretty sure the box they used was metal.

The Herald Palladium

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