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In December 2001, Lin Pinch of Horsham, England took a bath in public.  The bath took place on a bandstand in the public square, and she was wearing a bathing suit… which was probably a good thing, as the bath was filled with cold custard.

It was a charity event, raising money – just over 320 pounds – for a medical organization, Action Research.  The group focuses on children’s heath and surgical needs.

She garnered some local attention, but it was her friend who got into the Guinness Book of World Records that day.  Bathing nearby, also part of the attraction for the charity money, was Christine Martin, 56, who works in a local bait shop.

In association with her workplace, she bathed in maggots.

Ten gallons of maggots, poured into an old-fashioned steel bath tub after she’d seated herself.  And in public, she sat there with her custardy friend for an hour and a half. 

Christine said: “My rotten husband was going to take the maggots out of the freezer so they warmed up a bit overnight.  But he left it until the morning so they were much colder than they would have been.

“It was really uncomfortable. You could feel them wriggling against your skin and it was like having pins and needles.

“They got in a few places they shouldn’t have done.”

The Argus

320 pounds… about $500… to sit in maggots for an hour and a half.  She was underpaid.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite charity?

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