TNB Night Owl – Greek Spiders

Greek Spider Webs. Image Capture by TNB.

Are you disturbed by spiders?

If so, waking up last week on the Greek island village of Aitoliko might have disturbed you.  Overnight, a large spiderweb had been spun on the beach.  How large, you ask?

Oh, about a thousand feet long.

Under it, the locals found the bodies of four missing vagrants and three dogs, drained of blood….no, wait, they found nothing of the sort.  What they really discovered was a bunch of spiders.  

The recent months had provided a perfect set of conditions for spider growth, and while the population boom had done wonders to keep small insect numbers diminished in the area, there were a lot of arachnids wandering around.

And, it appears, they mate more-or-less simultaneously, and they prefer “privacy” when they do so.

Knowing that, the spiderwebs become less creepy… but only just.  As proof, here’s a video of the event, uploaded by one of the locals.

Question of the night: what, if any, Halloween decorations do you usually put up?

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