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Harmony Sex Doll. TNB image capture.

Sometimes it’s tempting just to stop at the title.  I mean, really, how do you go forward from “Mall Sex Doll Brothel”?  That can’t be serious, can it?

Yes, it can.  Um… welcome to Toronto.

Aura Dolls was to open its first store in a strip mall in the Canadian city, on Younge street.  Their plan received international attention, and where there is attention, there is politics.  The city council stepped in to say that the store would not be allowed to open because it violated “adult entertainment” bylaws.

That one seems fairly self-explanatory.  So much so that Aura Dolls decided not to fight.  They have announced that their grand opening will still be in September, but they’re scouting a new location.

The business has no visible operators; the on-site staff are never expected to see the clients.  Reservations are booked ahead of time, the chosen dolls are placed in client rooms, and cameras are present to record any vandalism.  The prices are… you know what?  It doesn’t matter, because nobody reading this is going to visit, and if you’re curious you can click the Aura Dolls link, above.  Suffice to say that they’re expensive.  It’s reasonable to assume that a good portion of that cash goes into the extensive cleaning the dolls are said to undergo following each use.

There are six of them available, with different ethnicities and names.  But… they’re sex dolls for rent, and the original location was in an outdoor shopping mall.  Someone thought this was a good idea.

Oh, but, despite the international stories, they aren’t really the first sex doll brothel in North America.  They’re not even the first in Toronto.  KinkysDolls beat them to it by almost a full year.  They’re more of a “rent before you buy” sort of store, though.

Oh, and KinkysDolls has another store planned, the first North American sex doll brothel NOT in Canada.  Where is it going to be?  Houston.

This is a surprise only to those people who have not experienced the bizarre wonder of Houstonian zoning laws.  Suffice to say that while Austin prides itself on “Keep Austin Weird”, Houston tells Austin, “Hold my beer.”

Question of the night: What’s the strangest city you’ve experienced?

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