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The Shaggs. Image from Bandcamp.

Some things are so bad they are good. While some prominent musicians like Frank Zappa and Kurt Cobain may disagree with me, The Shaggs are not one of them.

They aren’t just bad. They are awful. They are so bad that I’d rather listen the the soothing rhythm of a cat being skinned alive than try to keep a beat groovin’ to The Shaggs.

Right about now you might be thinking, “Lenny you’re just exaggerating. Nothing can be that bad!” well, you’d be wrong. Because they are.

The Shaggs were created by 3 sisters; Dorothy, Betty, and Helen Wiggin, in New Hampshire in 1968. With their fathers help they created a studio album Philosophy of the World in 1968 producing only 1000 copies, and rightfully, it tanked horribly.

Somehow they kept playing local gigs til 1975. I’m assuming they were considered “hip” with the counterculture scene for just being so bad that it was the ultimate anti establishment music. I also suspect lot’s of drugs were used by their followers as people like Frank Zappa touted The Shaggs as one of his favorite bands of all time.

“Ok so it’s a bad band that created an album and sucked. What’s the big deal?” Right?

Well that’s just it. Somehow they are one of those bands that got rediscovered a few times through hipsters trying to be ironic and seeking out some odd pressings.

Throughout the years The Shaggs reformed a few times, creating a second album and a “Best of” compilation CD.  They even got back together and played a reunion show in 2017 to tens of people opening for Wilco.

If you still insist that you must listen to what all the fuss is about… You’ve been warned. But here it is. 

My Pal Foot Foot – Philosophy of the World (Third World Records, TCLP 3001, 1969)
The Shaggs 

Question of the night…what’s the worst band, besides The Shaggs, that you’ve ever heard?

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