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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Thursday Night

As expected the New England Patriots pulled off the win against the now 1-4 Colts Brady went 34-44, 341 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 Int. Andrew Luck had similar stats 38-59, 365 passing yards, 3 touchdowns and 2 Int. 

The Patriots started out with 2 TD’s in the first quarter, and the Colts had just one field goal attempt that was rejected by the goal post. The second quarter brought the Colts a field goal, while the Pats scored a 3 point shot of their own and another TD. 

The third brought the Colts closer with 2 TD’s and gave Brady both of his interceptions. This made for a much closer game for the time being. In the 4th the Patriots added 2 more end zone appearance to the Colts one end zone visit ending the game with the 24-38 score.

While Julian Edelman did return to this week’s game, he was held to only 7 catches for 57 yards on 9 targets. Even with these meager stats you could see better play from the offense of the Patriots and a definite concern by the defense of the Colts.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Sunday October 7th, brings a few interesting games to the table according to Teams on byes this week are the Chicago Bears and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Active games start with the Titans at the Bills. Titans will try to capitalize on their 3-1 start while the Bills will try to improve traction at 1-3. The Giants at the Panthers, brings the Panthers back from their bye to improve on the 2-1 start they have. Giants at 1-3 will look to protect Manning against one of the better defenses in football.

The Dolphins at the Bengals, both teams set at 3-1. Both teams have had flashes of brilliance this year, but only one will come out with the 4-1 record. The Ravens come to the Browns in this week’s first divisional conference matchup. The Ravens 3-1 and the Browns 1-2-1, showcase the old stand-by QB of the Ravens, Joe Flacco against the Browns young gun Baker Mayfield. This will be an interesting matchup to see if the Ravens can stop the scoring of Mayfield and the Browns.

Our second divisional game of the week puts the Green Bay Packers at the Detroit Lions. As of yet this year the Lions have not shown the normal scoring potential as in past years. We will see if they can turn it around against the Pack and the gun slinging arm of Aaron Rodgers. The Ravens at the Chiefs (GAME OF THE WEEK), is a match-up to be seen. Arguably the best offense and defense in the NFL. This game will be one to watch, Mahomes vs Bortels, Ramsey vs Hill, offense vs defense plain and simple. If the Jags can’t stop the offensive attack of the Chiefs who can?

The Denver Broncos at the New York Jets. The Broncos bring their .500 batting average of 2-2 to the Jets 1-3 record to see if Von Miller can add to his list of sacks against the Jets QB, Sam Darnold. The Falcons come to Steel City to face the Pittsburgh Steelers. This should be a Score-a-Palooza, with the Falcons beat up secondary and the Steelers lack of defense you could see an air attack of epic proportion. 

Oakland at the Chargers, can Oakland add another win against the Chargers or can the Chargers improve to 3-2? Two California teams will battle it out to see who will come out ahead in sunny So-Cal. Minnesota Vikings at the Super Bowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles. Much was expected from both these teams going into this year. We will see Sunday if Minnesota can get to 500 or if the Eagles will break their 2-2 record.

Arizona Cardinals at the San Francisco 49ers. Two of the worst teams in the NFL will battle it out for supremacy, only one will come out on top can the red birds finally get a “W” or will the 49ers earn their second win of the season? The L.A. Rams at the Seattle Seahawks. the 4-0 Rams bring their record into one of the loudest stadiums in the league to take on the Seahawks. Can the Hawks silence the Rams overpowering offense at home?

The Dallas Cowboys don’t have to travel far to take on the Houston Texans. The battle in the Lone Star State puts these two teams fighting for their season early in the year. The Boys at 2-2 and the Texans at 1-3, we will see who brings home the win in their home state. Monday night we will see the Washington Redskins battle the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. The Skins at 2-1 while the Saints are at 3-1 have a lot to play for this week. It should be a good show on Monday.

Game of the Week

My game of the week as I said above is the Jacksonville Jaguars vs the Kansas City Chiefs. This game puts the best defense against one of, if not the most explosive offenses in the NFL. It will put speed vs speed to see who comes out on top. Person per person these two teams match up the best I think of any two teams in the league. Jalen Ramsey is likely the best shut down corner out there right now, if he goes again the fastest guy in the NFL Tyreek Hill, this could be epic. Everyone wants to see these two jaw back and forth, you know it will happen because they are both excellent at what they do. Another thing to watch, can the front four control Patrick Mahomes and contain his ability to extend the plays? We have all seen him when he gets on his horse he makes plays happen. Sportscasters liken him to Brett Farve, the way he scrambles and alludes defenders to turn a sure loss into a big gain.

Bold Predictions

After the Titans upset the Eagles last week I believe the Bills will return the favor by beating the Titans by a score of 35-17. I also think Marcus Mariota will get sacked 6 times and throw for 0 TD’s.

Next bold prediction the Lions will defeat the Packers by a score of 33-24, with Stafford out throwing Rodgers by over 100 yards, and Karryon Johnson RB Detroit, will rush for 150 yards and 2 TD’s.

Next it is the Raiders versus the Chargers. The Raiders will pull off the win against the 2-2 Chargers by a closer then you would think game 27-30 with both QB’s throwing the rock for more then 400 yards. 

What about those Rams going to visit the Seahawks at home. I see the Hawks beating the Rams handedly by a score of 35-21. Bringing the Rams back to earth with a 4-1 standing.

Last, but not least, Monday’s game that puts the Redskins in the Superdome against the Saints. Skins will pull off the win with a score of 42-24 in Prime Time to embarrass the Saints at home.


I am going to talk a little bit about a position that is lacking depth. According to the TE position is to say the least thin. If you have found yourself in a position like me where I have lost 2 TE this season due to injury you may be getting desperate. You could find yourself in a spot trying to stream a replacement, and just  keep your fingers crossed, you get lucky. However, this is where I say it is good to know who you are playing ahead of time and above all know who they have. I am playing a guy who only has one TE and it just so happens his guy is on a bye. He was also trying to get a WR via Trade or off the waiver wire to fill a gap in his line up. I struck a deal where he starts his bye week TE and I leave my TE spot blank so we each play with one spot empty. It may sound odd, but it helps me I get another week to search and he does not have to use a slot to stream a guy for one week. May be a win, win for both of us but I am looking out for me and for me it is a WIN. This kind of thing happens probably more times than you think, just make sure it works for you and in your favor. I would not suggest you make this deal with two different positions like a WR and a RB or a TE and a DEF, keep it apples to apples.

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