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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Sundays Results

According to the final results for last weeks games were, as follows. The Bill’s rumble over the Titans 13-12, while the Panthers pounce on a game winning field goal to edge out the New York Giants 33-31. The Bengals stalk the Dolphins and pull out the win 27-17, and the Browns pluck the tail feathers off the Ravens 12-9 in OT. The Lions pride themselves with a win against the Packers 31-23, and the Chiefs offense hunts the Jaguars down in a 30-14 win. The Jets streak to a win against the Broncos 34-16, and the Steelers hammer the Falcons 41-17. The Chargers pillage the Raiders 26-10, and the Vikings raid the Eagles at home 23-21. The Cardinals stake a claim against the 49ers getting their first win of the year 28-18, the Rams charge to a win over the Seahawks 33-31. The battle in the Lone Star State against the Cowboys and Texans ends with the Texans out drawing the Boys 19-16, Monday night the Saints leave the Redskins pale faced winning 43-19.

Thursday Night Game

Thursday night brings two teams trying to figure out what has happened to each of their hopeful seasons. Last years Super Bowl Champs, the Philadelphia Eagles are just 2-3 for the year. Their lack of explosive offense they had last year and the seemingly inability to protect Carson Wentz has them thinking what has changed. The New York Giants have added a running game with the addition of the 2nd overall pick of the draft Shaquan Barkley, but is still only 1-4 for the year. These two teams look to turn each of their seasons around as well as fix the inefficiencies they have experienced this year.

Power Rankings

The top 5 teams according to ESPN should not come as a surprise, or at least the top 2 should not. The top two teams are the only two teams left that are unbeaten this season.

The number one spot this week still belongs to the Los Angles Rams. The Rams toughest game remaining this season is against the Saints in week 9. According to ESPN they have a 57% chance of winning that game and are the most likely team to win out and remain undefeated this year. 

The number two spot again this week is the Kansas City Chiefs. The toughest remaining game for the Chiefs is a Sunday night game against the Patriots, in which they have a 33% chance of winning.

The New England Patriots jump 5 spots this week into 3 with their win against the Colts last Thursday. The Patriots toughest game remaining this year is week 15 against the Steelers in which they have a 45% chance of winning. 

The New Orleans Saints remain in the 4th position this week with Drew Brees as the new all time leader in passing yardage at the helm. The Saints hardest game remaining is a trip to Baltimore against the Ravens which they have a 38% chance of winning.

The Jacksonville Jaguars fall from the 3rd spot to 5th this week after loosing to the Chiefs this last weekend. The Jags face their toughest game remaining in the year this next weekend against the Cowboys, where they have a 44% chance of winning. 

Player of the Week

This week’s player of the week is going to be Drew Brees. I have never been a New Orleans Saints fan, but he deserves all the recognition he get. He has passed two of the greatest QB’s in history Brett Farve and Payton Manning in all time passing yardage. Brees needed just 201 yards to break Mannings record, he threw for 363 on Monday night leading his team to victory. If you listen to Mic’ed Up on ESPN, he really cares about his team, his city and his family. Congratulations to Drew on your accomplishment, and keep the air under the ball.

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