Fantasy to Football

Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Sunday Results

Sunday games were a-buzz with upsets and predictable results, highlights and complete scores can be found at The Dolphins took the Bears into deep water and drowned them in OT 31-28. The Redskins track down and cage the Panthers in DC with a score of 23-17. The Buccaneers try their hand at Falconry, but lose to the Falcons 34-29. The Steelers wipe the strips off the Bengals in their second trip to Ohio 28-21. The Seahawks and Raiders travel across the pond to face off at Wembley Stadium. The Seahawks were crowned the royal victors 27-3. The Jets turn on the afterburner in their win over the Colts 34-42. The Cardinals fly to Minnesota just to fly south in defeat against the Vikings 17-27. The Chargers light up the Browns in Cleveland with a score of 38-14. The Texans corral the Bills on the way to a win 13-20. The Rams lock horns with the Broncos and win 23-20. The Cowboys get the jump on the Jaguars with a big win 40-7. The Ravens leave the Titans eating crow beating them 21-0. The Chiefs try to ambush the Patriots in Foxboro, but fall short with the Pats winning 40-43.

Monday Night

Monday night brought us the 49ers facing the Packers at home according to The two teams made a game out of it early with a score of 14-17, with Green Bay in the lead. By the half the 49ers were up 24-20, and showing some signs they were going to pull this off. In the Third each team scored just one field goal. The Fourth brought the 49ers another field goal and the Packers scored a TD to tie the score at 30-30. With just over a minute left and just when you thought this game was going into extra innings, Aaron Rodgers orchestrated a drive that only few could accomplish. Putting the Pack within striking distance with only 3 seconds left on the clock, Mason Crosby kicked a field goal giving the Pack the win 30-33.

Thursday Night Game

Thursday night brings the Broncos to the Arizona desert to face the Cardinals, stats can be found at NFL. The Cards are just 1-5 this season while the Broncos are slightly better at 2-4. The Cardinals are last in nearly every category while Denver scores in the top 15 in 3 out of 4 categories. Can the Cardinals put something together or will the Broncos stampede into State Farm Stadium and leave the Birds tared and feathered?

Power Rankings

ESPN still has the undefeated Rams on top of the heap and the team to beat at the present time. There have been some changes to the rest of the top 5 teams.

In the second spot the Patriots make their presence known. After berating the Chiefs this last week they jump from the 3rd spot and are still the team to beat when it comes to the end of the season.

In third are the Chiefs even with the loss this last week they put on a show against the Pats earning them the spot. 

In forth the New Orleans Saints hold fast. Their bye week did not damage the hold they have in the top five.

In fifth are the Baltimore Ravens, they jump up from the 10th spot last week to enter the top five. They have a tough next 5 games against teams that are better than them .500 on the season.

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