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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Sunday Results

The NFL reports a full list of results and highlights. Across the pond the Chargers and Titans meet in a clash at Wembley Stadium and the Titans sink like the Titanic in the last minute 19-20. The Patriots took on the Bears in the Windy City and left them in the breeze by beating the Bears 38-31. The Colts brought their lucky horse shoe and it worked beating the Bills badly 5-37. The Texans treat the Jags to a hoedown and leave them standing around like wall flowers beating the Jags 7-20. The Lions try out a little sushi down in Florida by beating the Dolphins 32-21. The Vikings plunder the Jets at home, the Vikings win 37-17. The Panthers stalk the Eagles and in a win beating last years champs 21-17. The Buccaneers turn the Browns into skid marks beating them 23-26. The Saints clip the wings of the Ravens, beating them 24-23. The Redskins leave the Cowboys a little pale faced beating them 17-20. The Rams show the 49ers the golden horn and defeat them 39-10. The Chiefs show their dominance of the jungle by beating the Bengals 10-45 on Sunday night. 

Monday Night Football

The Giants fly south to face off against the Falcons in Atlanta. Each team had two drives resulting in punts during the first quarter. The second quarter showed the Falcons having some success scoring a TD and a field goal while the Giants put up a field goal of their own. The third was the two teams scoring just one FG apiece. There were 24 points scored between the two teams in the fourth more than the other 3 quarters combined. The Falcons added a TD and one more FG. The Giants made it interesting with 2 touchdowns but in the end the Falcons won 20-23

Thursday Night

Thursday brings two AFC teams with identical records to face off. The Dolphins and the Texans both have 4-3 records. The Dolphins are second in the AFC East to the Patriots. The Texans are leading the AFC South ahead of the Titans and the Jags. The Texans are the dominate team, at least on paper, ranking in the top 15 of the four major categories. The Dolphins rank in the bottom 10 in three of the four major categories NFL. Will the Dolphins swim into Texas and beat the Houston favorite or will the Texans fend off the fish.

Power Rankings

There was a little bit of a shake up in the ESPN rankings this week. The Rams are still the team to beat, but the Chiefs are up one to the second spot over the Patriots in third. The Saints hold fast at fourth and the fifth spot now belongs to the Los Angles Chargers.

Other teams making big moves this last week were the Vikings and the Panthers. The Panthers are up to 9th from the 13th spot. The Vikings are up from the 10th spot to just outside the top five to 6th.

Look for the next move in the power rankings to be the Texans. Their schedule is favorable to make a move up. Right now the Texans are 17 up from the 21st spot last week. I will be talking about the Strength of Schedule (SOS) more this Sunday in the Fantasy section.

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