Friday Lenny Polls 10/05/18 Special Edition!

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Today officially marks the 1 year anniversary of Lenny Polls! To celebrate I’m going to give you a little history and review some of my favorite polls. 

A Brief History of Lenny Polls

I started doing political polls during the 2016 election primary in 2015 on my main personal twitter account. I would ask people about candidates, political parties, issue questions, popularity polls and things like that. I was really hyper political and used my account mostly for that purpose.

Out of the blue someone asked me a silly question about sandwiches. So I made a poll about it. I got a pretty large reception and lots of people were responding by the new (at the time) .gif search feature added to Twitter. Lots of banter was had with goofy .gif wars starting up. Lots of sarcastic extremism about meats and so forth. Lots of heated but friendly banter was thrown about and and most importantly it was just a lot of fun for everyone. And this was at a time where everyone were reverently arguing about politics and blocking people and threats and rage and the world is going to end. I did a silly poll a week and people liked it enough that I started doing them in closer intervals.

I thought to myself “What if we can have this much fun on Twitter everyday?” Maybe we can bridge the gap between people who normally yell at each other. Maybe, just maybe I can get people on opposite sides of the political spectrums to come together in a celebration of stupid shit? At that moment. Lenny Polls was born.

Lenny Polls on Twitter is a non political zone, where people from Republicans and Democrats, Trump supporters and Hillary lovers, Socialists, Conservatives, Moderates, Christians, Muslims, Jews, and even a few Vegans all participate in silly stupid polls where they often throw silly .gifs at each other and have a general good time. There is always the occasional asshole that makes some rude comments (usually a newbie or try hard), or political statements but for the most part it’s a pretty good success.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t give our very own Tiff a huge shout out for helping me out for a few months along the way with Tiff’s Daily Poll.

2600 Followers and counting.  Some of our latest polls have really been pushing the vote totals higher and higher. I never thought I’d be posting Lenny Polls a year later but here I am. 3 Polls (on average) every single day for one year to the date. That’s a little over 1000 Polls and counting. 

Some of My Favorite Polls


[democracy id=”442″]

Mel Brooks Movies

[democracy id=”443″]

We even Predicted the Super Bowl Winner!

[democracy id=”444″]

Important Questions were Answered

[democracy id=”445″]

The Results are Often Unexpected

[democracy id=”446″]

In the end only one Champion is Left Standing 

[democracy id=”447″]

Today’s Polls are all reruns to re experience some of the old fun and give me a little breather from making up new content every single day. maybe the results will be vastly different? 

Pumpkin Spice

Pumpkins on sale. Photo by Danielle Scott.

[democracy id=”448″]

Zombie Apocalypse

Walker Herd. AMC’s The Walking dead. Image captured by TNB.

[democracy id=”449″]

Retro Sci-fi Battle Royale

Ultraman. Japanese TV show 1966. Image Capture by TNB

[democracy id=”450″]

Feel free to vote, comment on the poll choices, and post your own answers below. Image posting permissions are enabled in the comments section so long as they are not abused.

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