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Eddie Murphy as Gumby. Saturday Night Live.

It’s Sunday.  We’re trying to take weekends a little easy so as to not burn ourselves out, but that doesn’t mean we just want to do nothing.

We’re active people.  We follow the news, we have families, we have church and social activities, we have jobs, we pay attention to sports and/or entertainment.  In that last category, we watch comedy (whether intentional or not) and we lose a little of the stress we’ve built up during the week.

So, today, some clips from television and movies which I found to be amusing.  Because humor is very subjective, I’m aware that some of these will fall flat for other people.  That’s why I’m asking you to post links in the comment section to online video clips, television shows and movies that made you laugh.  As the week ends (or begins, depending on your point of view) we can all use some more laughs.

From back in the days when Saturday Night Live would regularly be funny is a link to a sketch with Gilda Radner and a young Candace Bergen.  (NBC is touchy about embedding its content.)

From around the same time period, a bit of complete nonsense from Monty Python.

While I’m on the subject of Python, I have to include one that is among the favorites for many people who’ve been in political discussions with a reflexive partisan.

Silly verbal comedy is something I’ve always appreciated, though.  Like this extended Groucho Marx clip from Animal Crackers:

Let’s move from one of the most quoted comedians of all time to one of the most quoted movies of all time.

Of course, there’s a good chance you’ve seen all of these before, as well as pieces from Caddyshack, the dance scene from Napoleon Dynamite, the on-air reveal of Tootsie and dozens of other acknowledged classics (and if any of those are favorites, please link in the comment section below).  So let’s leave with a couple which are at least a bit more obscure.  First, a bonus round that went horribly awry for Richard Dawson…

And in the “What the heck am I watching?” category, an attempt at rock opera comedy that… um… kind of worked?  The alternative classic of Rockula (first clip, internal links to the rest of the movie as broken up and loaded to Youtube.)

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