QAnon and The #PresidentialAlert

Q played by John de Lancie on Star Trek TNG. Image capture by TNB.

As many cell phone users are no doubt aware Wednesday was a test of the Emergency Broadcast system via text called a “Presidential Alert.” 

CNN reported this is the first test of the emergency message system that was “built by the federal government and cell phone carriers to warn Americans of an emergency, like a terror attack or a widespread disaster.” 

The test happened at 2:18 p.m. eastern time with our smartphones/cell phones issuing a high-pitch buzzing noise followed by the message, “Presidential Alert: THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”

There is no way to opt-out of the message nor is there ability to reply to the message. This for some is just an annoyance similar to the test of the Radio/Television emergency broadcast system, but for one group, as the Daily Beast reports, this moment had “titanic implications.”

That group are the members of the QAnon conspiracy movement. 

As the News Blender reported, QAnon believers believe that a shadowy figure named “Q,” posts clues on the internet that will expose, “The Deep State,” and its “giant pedophilia ring where the rich and powerful buy children for sexual slavery.  Trump is the hero who is willing to fight back against the pedophiles.”

According to the Daily Beast the alert that had been scheduled for Sept. 20th, as was reported @ the News Blender, here and here, was seen as a message that “could mark the start of “The Storm.””

The Storm, as explained by the Daily Beast, is a “fantastical MAGA dream in which Trump’s political enemies will be arrested and tried at military tribunals.”

The article goes on to say that on the forum 8Chan, one believer writes, “That is how we will receive orders if all else fails. We are the next generation Minutemen! Standing by Sir!” Another user was “SO HAPPY,” and thanked the President for the message. 

 Some Twitter users chime in  

According to Twitter user Travis View, who tracks the QAnon conspiracy, QAnon believers also believed they knew what the Presidential alert would say, “Going off a months-old Q post, they claimed that it would be a message from Trump saying, “My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us.”

View told the Daily Beast, “In typical QAnon fashion, the fact that this didn’t happen in this order won’t be a problem in the QAnon world.” 

As a reminder, President Trump nor future presidents control the alert system, the alert system is controlled by FEMA. 

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