TNB Night Owl – Costume Failure

Jack-o-Lanterns. Photo by Mansour De Toth.

You’ve seen Cosplay in the Night Owl.  This is Halloween, however… and while it’s absolutely a time for professional and inspired costumers to shine, it’s also the time of year when people make mistakes.

Thankfully, many of these people have either a good sense of humor about the results of their efforts or a complete lack of self-awareness.  In either event, these costumes get posted to Twitter, Pintrest and the like.  So… a display of some costume failure.

First, what may be the worst pet costume idea of all time.

I give this one some respect for making his own, but… he’s got underarm hair, so he’s old enough to know better than to post it to the world.

Don’t dress your kid as Hitler.  Just don’t.  Or you become a news item.

Sometimes it’s good to let copyright be a thing.

Not even doing a picture for the final one, because there are enough out there already: Don’t dress up as a dominatrix, gimp, or anything of the like.  All you’re doing is making people wonder if you had that outfit around already, and if they need to sterilize where you’re sitting later.

Question of the night: What’s a costume idea that you haven’t seen anyone try?

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