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Jack-o-Lanterns. Photo by Mansour De Toth.

What do you think of when you see a set of false teeth?

If you’re like Mrs. McGettrick, you think : Toy!  More accurately, “Wow, those would look interesting in a stuffed toy!

And while she was at it, she went looking for some medical-supply glass eyes, too.  She put them into some handmade stuffed toys and listed them on Etsy, the internet’s home of handcrafted items… including bizarre handcrafted items.  She called them Fugglers.  

The toys became the subject of internet postings about baby teeth being used, which manages to ratchet up the awfulness.  In an interview with the Daily Mail, the creator set the record straight.

‘I implore you. Do not send me your teeth,’ she wrote in the FAQ’s section of her site. ‘There’s probably a very good reason they’re not in your mouth any more. Besides, I’m quite alright with the worst thing I receive in the mail being my student loan balance.’

She had a similar answer for parents looking to have dolls made with their children’s baby teeth. 

‘Again, I’m going to have to say no. As delightful as it might be to have envelopes full of the tiny teeth of strange children dropping on to my door mat every day, I’m pretty sure that’s how you get put under surveillance,’ she joked.

The toys not only sold, but they became popular.  Popular enough for her to quit her day job and make them one at a time at $67-107 each.

And now, popular enough that she’s abandoned them entirely… by passing the torch to professional toy manufacturer Spinmaster, who have a new site, timed with the launch this past August, advertising the monstrous plushies.

With the advent of mass production they likely won’t be using medical grade false teeth and glass eyes, though, so if you’ve got one of the originals on your shelf, don’t feat that it’s suddenly going to lose its uniqueness.  Just fear that you’ve got a plush toy with teeth and human eyes sitting on your shelf.  That’s not right.

Question of the night: did you have a favorite stuffed animal?

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