TNB Night Owl PSA: Don’t Eat Grandpa

We here at the News Blender are constantly surprised at the Public Service Announcements that we didn’t know needed to be said but apparently do. Tonight’s PSA: Don’t eat your grandfather. Or feed him to your classmates. Even if he tastes delicious.

An unnamed student at Da Vinci Charter High School in Davis, California reportedly passed around cookies to her classmates which were consumed by at least nine of them on October 4th. Later she bragged about the secret ingredient: her grandfather’s ashes. So far no one has fallen physically ill.

The cookies in question were sugar cookies.

Student Andy Knox was one of the students who reportedly ate a tainted cookie. He was given a cookie on his way to sixth period class and, when he was informed that the secret ingredient was not drugs but human remains, he was “horrified.” Previously, the same girl tried to trade the same ashes to Knox if he would trade seats in class with her.

Davis Police Lieutenant Paul Doroshov is unsure what, if anything, the girl and a possible accomplice will be charged with. “This is a weird one,” said Doroshov.

Question of the night: what’s your favorite baked treat?

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