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Peter Tork was, for many, the forgotten Monkee.  He was portrayed on the show as foolish and innocent, which was not exactly true.  The real Peter Tork was a lover of Bach who fought his way through alcoholism and life issues to do the same thing many other rock stars do.

…become an advice columnist.

In 2007, for the online magazine The Daily Panic, he made himself available for the curious to write in and ask questions, some of which he would answer to the best of his ability.

“It just seemed a natural addition for Peter, as far as I could see” says The Daily Panic editor Therra Cathryn Gwyn, a hurricane Katrina refugee who came up with the idea for her webzine while living in her RV, ” Peter is incredibly patient. I have watched him sit and listen to people’s problems — at times people he barely knew — for far longer than most of us would and in the end give them good, solid advice. Luckily for us, he’s both book-smart and savvy in life experience. He’s been a TV and music mega-star, had highs that would have killed some people, lows that would have killed others and a career that’s lasted longer than some of his fans have been alive. He’s a recovering alcoholic now sober for over 25 years, has oodles of relationship experience, he’s got great, productive children, he lived through the 60s and is still rocking in his 60s. If that doesn’t qualify him to dish out some advice, I don’t know what does.”

I confess, I read the column a few times in my decade-ago travels upon the web.  It was… normal.  I often did not agree with Mr. Tork’s advice, but it seemed to come from a generally thoughtful and positive place.  It was just odd to see it coming from the ditzy Monkee.

I’d like to post some examples, but I can’t.  I can’t because of The Daily Panic.  Not the webzine… the other webzine.

After the original The Daily Panic went under, the domain name fell into disuse… but not for long.  In an odd bit of internet history, a new soon came into existence, and it would become more famous than the first iteration (even with its nod to 60’s television music fandom.)

The new site was a news blog created by Yameen Rasheed, and it was notable for being the only news blog in the Maldives, an Islamic island nation in the Indian Ocean.  He regularly reported on what was happening in the famed honeymoon destination, with a focus on things that were not covered by the officially sanctioned press.

At least he did until he was stabbed to death in his apartment building, after the police had ignored multiple death threats against him.  The UN called for his death to be investigated and it technically was, but his killers are unlikely to be penalized for it.

So, if anyone ever stops you on the street and asks you, “What do the Monkees have to do with a murdered Maldivian blogger?” you’ll be prepared with the answer.  And I’ll want to know what sorts of streets you frequent, because there are some strange people there.

Question of the night: What question would you ask of Peter Tork, Advice Columnist?

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