Watch Live Trump Rally 6 Erie, PA – #TrumpErie #EriePA #MAGA

Donald J. Trump at CPAC 2017. Photo by Michael Vadon

Another day another President Trump MAGA rally, live from Erie, PA. 

Wednesday’s rally comes as Hurricane Michael slams into Florida as the News Blender reported Wednesday, Michael is/was a cat 4-5 hurricane hitting the Florida panhandled. 

The rally also comes after the Stock Market plunged over 800 points. The Wall Street Journal reports the decline in U.S. stocks, was the largest in over seven months. According to the article the sell-off came as data shows, “a slowdown in both housing and auto sales, both of which are closely watched indicators of U.S. economic health. Even more concerning: trade tensions between the U.S. and China appear to be worsening.” 

President Trump took to Twitter to explain that he was still attending the rally because he couldn’t “disappoint the thousands of people there.” 

He again defended himself via tweet, stating in part that he “couldn’t let these great people down,” adding, “They have been lined up since last night.” 

President Trump has two more planned rallies scheduled for October 12th, and again on Saturday the 13th. 

Live Feed 1 CBS News

Live Feed 2 NBC News 

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