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Wheel Of Fish. Photo By Lenny Ghoul

Friday October 12th, live from Lebanon, Ohio, is the 7th scheduled campaign stump for President Trump, according to (The Enquirer) “hundreds of supporters,” had started to line-up right around 2 p.m. eastern. The event from Lebanon held in a building that seats 3,000, comes “at the same time as most Ohio high school football games,” which the article points out has caused some headaches.

Rep. Steve Chabot (R) told the paper, he didn’t ask President Trump to come to Ohio, but he welcomes the President. 

After President Trump lands, he’ll hold a roundtable discussion, before hitting the rally stage. 

President Trump is scheduled to give another MAGA rally on Saturday from Richmond, Kentucky. Donald J, has no further rallies listed after Saturday’s rally that is likely to change after Saturday’s rally. 

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