Death Toll Rises in California Fires

Satellite observation of the fires in Paradise CA. Photo by NASA Earth Observatory/Landsat 8/OLI.

California is experiencing ten major fires simultaneously, according to the state.  Two, the Camp Fire and the Woolsey Fire, have been particularly destructive, as previously covered at TNB

The Camp Fire is the deadliest fire in state history, having destroyed most of the town of Paradise.  The death toll from that fire alone stands at 63, but is expected to grow.  The list of missing and unaccounted persons who may have been affected by the fire has grown as people who fled the fire have had the opportunity to report to authorities; there are now 631 people who have been identified as missing in the wake of the calamity.

Because the new number is based on inquiry calls to the police dispatch center, it is possible that many of the people will yet be found, but it is a grim reminder of the devastation of Paradise and a worrisome indication of what may await the people sifting through the ashes of the town, looking for bodies.

The Butte County Sheriff’s office has released a list of the missing.

South of the Camp Fire, in the more densely populated Malibu area, a third person has killed by the Woolsey Fire.  That blaze currently endangers more than 50,000 homes and other structures.

The Camp Fire is 40% contained; the Woolsey Fire is more than 60% contained.

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