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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Weekend Results

Last week there were only two teams on byes. The Rams and Chiefs took time off after their epic battle last Monday night. After the three matches on Thanksgiving Day the remainder 26 teams took to the Gridiron and ESPN has the results. 

First up we have the Buffalo Bill giving the horns to the Jaguars beating them 21-24. In a divisional match-up in the AFC North the Browns blew the stripes off the Bengals 35-20. The Patriots grounded the Jets in their own stadium, beating them 27-13. The Eagles flew out of the grasps of the Giants, winning 22-25 in the final quarter. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers scuttled the 49ers 9-27, the Ravens pecked out the other eye of the Raiders 17-34. The Cardinals left LA feeling like Dodo’s loosing to the Chargers 10-45. The Steelers could not chain up the Broncos, so Denver took the win 17-24. The Colts lucky horse shoe season continues, with them beating the Dolphins 24-27. 

The NFC North match-up between the Green Bay Packers and the Minnesota Vikings went in favor of the Vikings. They beat the Pack 17-24 at home in Minnesota. On Monday night we saw the Tennessee Titans play The Houston Texans. The Texans played with heavy hearts after the passing of their owner Bob McNair on Friday, November 23. The Texans beat the Titans 17-34, giving them 8 straight wins after loosing the first three games of the season. 

Thursday Night

Thursday night brings a very interesting match-up between the red-hot New Orleans Saints and the streaking Dallas Cowboys. Players to watch in this showdown are the usual suspects, Drew Brees, Quarterback of the Saints. Ezekiel Elliot, Running Back of the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Thomas, Wide Receiver of the Saints. The game will be played in the Cowboys hometown Saloon, AT&T Stadium. Dak Prescott, QB of the Cowboys and the rejuvenated WR, Amri Cooper also of the Cowboys, look to spoil the Saints parade they have been having this season. The Saints look to continue their winning ways and put a stamp on the season and mail in their invite to the post season.

Power Rankings

Number one and two in the power rankings has not changed in a few weeks. The Saints and Rams still control the top two spots, followed by the Chiefs and Chicago Bears. In fifth is the Los Angeles Chargers, sixth is the New England Patriots. Seventh place has the Pittsburgh Steelers, and in eighth place is the Houston Texans. In ninth and tenth are the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens. This list of top ten and the rest of the power rankings list can be found at

Super Bowl Prediction

I want to have some fun. With the rankings as they are now, who do you think will end up in this years big game and who do you want to end up playing in the Super Bowl come February. Fantasy wishes and hope and prayers are fine, after all this is for fun, even for 49er fans. 

I will be first, I think the two teams that will make it in are actually leaders in each division now. From the AFC I believe the Chiefs will get past all others and beat the Pats in their rematch this year to make it to the big show. From the NFC I think it will be tough to beat the Saints. The Saints will beat the Rams to get in making it a Chiefs and Saints show. 

Who I want to get in, that is easy. I want to see a Bears and Texans game. The two best defenses beating the crap out of each other, two second year QB’s going at it, both with weapons in the backfield and great receivers to throw the ball at and let them go get it. It could happen, after all it’s my Christmas wish. 

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