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Lane Davis Civil War: Alt-Right Troll To Father Killer: The Unraveling of Lane Davis; By Joseph Bernstein; July 18, 2018; BuzzFeed.

The Unsatisfying Truth About Hateful Online Rhetoric And Violence; By Joseph Bernstein; Nov 24, 2018; Buzzfeed. [h/t to RememberSekhmet]

Before going further, to put into context the following, though not necessarily a prerequisite, I highly recommend reading those two articles. Within there are jumping off points with embedded links, which is where the following comes in.

People openly calling for a civil war, others creating their fear mongering by their implications and innuendos, such as Steve King did last summer when he wrote on his twitter acct “America is heading in the direction of another Harpers Ferry. After that comes Ft. Sumter.”

And here we have The Federalist’s contributor Jesse Kelly, a person who is either buying into it or he is willfully promoting it, but either way, he is disseminating and perpetuating it with his own graphic imagery.

Close your eyes and imagine holding someone’s scalp in your hands. I don’t mean cradling his skull as you thousand-yard-stare at his lifeless face. I mean a real scalp, Indian-style, of some enemy you just killed on the battlefield; somebody you hated and who hated you back.

You killed him, won the day, carved off the top of his skull, and now you’re standing over him victorious on the now-quiet field of battle, with a quiet breeze blowing through your hair. Your adrenaline is still pumping with that primal feeling of victory and the elation of having survived when others didn’t.

The Federalist; America Is Over, But I Won’t See It Go Without An Epic Fight; By Jesse Kelly June 21 2018

He goes on next to say he’s not naïve that “less than 5 percent” reading that will not cringe at his “mental image” he has just created for people to imagine.

His challenge to one’s manhood, I would infer, if you cannot handle that image, implies the self-identified “Marine Corps combat veteran and former congressional candidate in Arizona” in his own bio, well then, what good are you?

It’s interesting though. I don’t cringe at his imagery so I guess I am in that less than 5 percent his own imagination creates.

What I cringe at is this man now lives in the same city I live.

What I cringe at is this is a person who is a radio personality in Houston, Texas, “the host of “The Jesse Kelly Show” on KPRC 950” AM radio.

What I cringe at is this is someone who speaks not about foreign invading armies, not their ‘Omg! The asylum seekers are invading us!” persuasion.

No. As he compares himself with the native Indians of the Americas faced with “settlers from Europe [who] were about to take over every inch of this country,” and the Lakota and Sitting Bull taking names and taking scalps “who knew their fate,” but were going to at least make their enemies “feel some pain” he is going to rain down his pain on…

“The people who will micromanage every aspect of your life [who] are not God-fearing conservatives. They are leftists, and they are vicious.”

They are not political opponents in the sense that you have a debate with them. These modern-day leftists want you to lose your job. They want to destroy you. How do you think they’re going to treat you when they finally sit in the seat of power for good? So fight them tooth and nail. Make them long for the day when you’re no longer fighting them. Be the Lakota.

Of course, Kelly doesn’t stop there. It is not just the leftists, it is also those “some on the Right.” Those ones who “really peaked in 2016,” after Trump won the primaries who he compares to the Choctaws who ended up on their Trail of Tears ‘for playing nice.’

The scolders, he calls them, who thought they could work out differences, who lecture people like Kelly “to this day,” calling it a “continuous internal battle” he and his fellow travelers “see on the Right.”

Kelly has left the battlefield of ideas. He’s gone. However he got there, however he has allowed himself to be radicalized, isn’t so much the issue as he is already there.

I do not cringe at his mental imagery. I am not so naïve I cannot, at the very least, imagine a bloody, barbaric war. What I cringe at, Kelly, is you are envision killing Americans because they do not agree with you.

What makes you any different than a foreign invader? How are you any different, Kelly, than an ISIS keyboarder calling others to radicalization?

And all over because someone would call you out? Or they do not agree with your political, religious ideology? Not “God-fearing conservatives”? 

Gee, I can’t imagine why there are people out there who would want to call other people’s bad behaviors out, can you, Kelly?

Calling out someone’s bad behaviors like:

Or like this:

You, Kelly, lament they may lose their jobs over this. You do not cringe at the bad behavior of these people. No, you blame the one’s pointing it out and you envision carving off the top of their skull.

Hyperbole? You bet. But then what is your imagery if not hyperbole? Are you serious about your doctrine of “inevitability forces” or are you just misunderstood and this is just taking your words out of context?

“When living in the liberal utopian nightmare of 57 genders and government control over everything in your life, you will want to have been a Lakota. You’ll want to know, to remember, even just cherish the knowledge that, one day, you rode out onto the plains and made them feel pain.”

Which is it, because you do not get to have it both ways.

Seems like that might be something you should square in your mind, Kelly, because one day you may have to answer that question for real.

I do not think you are a Neanderthal, Kelly, I think you are a dangerous fool who is failing to understand just how your words, your wants, your desires, your fantasies will create a call to action in other’s minds. I think you are not only no different, but worse than the enemy you are creating for yourself, and worse, for others.

When some person reads your words and carves the skull off some “leftist” or someone “on the Right,” who you have convinced you and they “hated and who hated you back” as one of the perceived enemy, what will you do then, Kelly? Will you join them in your “Epic Fight”?

Or will you suddenly stay silent?

“Seminole Indians: An Unconquered Tribe,” reads a slide-show frame posted on Oct. 12 to a Twitter account, @hardrock2016, that appears to belong to Sayoc and includes a photo him holding up a sign of the American flag, with the lettering, “Welcome President Trump,” the Miami Herald reported.

Where were you in Sayoc’s “Epic Fight,” Kelly? Maybe he was not “Epic” enough for you? After all, he had the “Indian-style” imagery down. He was “Seminole…An Unconquered Tribe.” At least in his mind.

I did not see you write about Sayoc, Kelly, nor did I see you write anything about Ian David Long. But I did see a piece titled, Stop Using Your Status As A Veteran To Trash The Second Amendment.

How about you stop using your status as a veteran to pretend you are a real man while envisioning and telling others to envision scalping Americans?

Bless your heart.

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