Mark Levin calls George Conway a ‘moron’ for publicly humiliating Kellyanne by forming ‘Checks and Balances’

George Conway and Mark Levin. Compilation by Lenny Ghoul.

The Hill reports that Mark Levin, Fox News host and CRTV creator, called George Conway, husband of presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway, a “moron”, saying “apparently you believe in publicly humiliating your wife” on Twitter this morning. 

Levin criticized George while tweeting out a link from The Daily Mail about Mr. Conway forming a group of conservative and libertarian lawyers to “stand up for the rule of law”.

The mission statement of Checks and Balances, Conway’s newly formed group, says that they believe in “a government of laws, not men” and that the principles of “the rule of  law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights, and the necessity of civil discourse” apply “regardless of the party or persons in power”. 

The New York Times first reported the conservative group of lawyers  forming Checks and Balances. The group of 14 lawyers, many with ties to the Bush administration, includes Tom Ridge, Peter Keisler, Jonathan Adler, Orin Kerr, and Lori S. Meyer, wife of the president of the Federalist Society. They formed the group to encourage other lawyers to speak out when a fear of retaliation might prevent them doing so otherwise. Professor Orin Kerr told the Times, “The rule of law has to come first. Politics comes second.”

Carrie Cordero, a member of the group founded by Conway, told CNN that the aim of Checks and Balances is to “communicate to the group of conservative lawyers, including the next generation of conservative lawyers, that they can support the administration’s judicial nominees, they can be in favor of some of the policies, but that doesn’t mean they have to go along with the attacks (or) disregard for the rule of law, attacks on the justice system.”

George Conway is as known in many circles for his tweeted criticisms and subtweets of President Trump as he is for being married to Kellyanne. He turned down a job in the Trump administration in March of 2017 and began tweeting subtle and not so subtle criticisms not long after, according to Business Insider.

Conway questioned Trump’s need to tweet, he called the idea of Trump’s pardoning former staff in order to protect himself from Mueller’s investigation “flabbergasting”, subtweeted the president and Rudy Giuliani with the Federal Election Commission’s explanation of personal loans to a campaign, and published an essay defending special counsel Robert Mueller.

Recently, he has called the president’s position that the US has no jurisdiction over illegal immigrants “drivel” and said Trump has “no comprehension” of what he is saying. Mr. Conway has called Trump’s call to end birthright citizenship “unconstitutional” and has similarly criticized Trump’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker to the role of acting Attorney General.

The Daily Mail article that Levin shared in his tweet reports that Kellyanne told Fox News she doesn’t mind her husband’s criticism. 

‘It doesn’t affect me or my job at all,’ she said. ‘I’ve never been doing better personally or professionally. People argue about the Constitution every day. That’s why we have the United States Supreme Court. That’s why we have an entire U.S. circuit court system.’

‘He and his co-author have one opinion, the president and his attorneys have another,’ she shrugged. ‘Respectfully, I offer my advice to the president in private. I don’t need to put it on the opinion pages, because I’m counselor to the president.’

The Daily Mail

After President Trump quipped, “You mean, Mr. Kellyanne Conway?” when he was asked on Friday about the op-ed George Conway authored, Kellyanne called the nickname “instructive”. In the Fox interview, she stated, “People describe my husband as “Kellyanne Conway’s husband” more often than they describe him by his first name. So I’m sure the feminists are really cheering me on today.’

For What It’s Worth

Mark Levin, a self-described Conservative and Constitutional expert, being angry with a group of lawyers whose stated goal is to defend the rule of law, regardless of the party of the person in the White House, is a position that is hard to make sense of.

His defense of Kellyanne Conway, whose husband Levin accuses of humiliating her in public is also incongruous when one considers that Kellyanne said in an interview (discussed in the very article Levin linked to in his tweet) that people call her husband “Kellyanne Conway’s husband” instead of calling him by his own name. 

It would seem that one of the Conways believes in publicly humiliating their spouse but the reader can make their own judgement about which Conway that is.

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