President Trump Held A Press Conference From The White House

Official Portrait, President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States. White House Photo.

Thursday President Trump held what was billed as an immigration policy announcement, it turned out to be a campaign speech.

The President has already tweeted out a video of his “announcement” @ 4:54 p.m.

The take-away’s:

President Trump said that some time next week he will issue an EO detailing immigration policy.

President Trump twice during the event stated that the military will be ordered to treat “rocks” as “rifles” but he adds he hopes the military will not have to use “fire power.”

Some pundit reactions toward President Trump’s White House campaign speech.

At one point President Trump stated that only about 3 percent of those awaiting immigration or asylum hearings actually appears in court.

On Wednesday ahead of his Florida campaign rally President Trump tweeted a new Republican campaign ad highlighting a convicted killer who the video states was “Illegal” and allowed in by “Democrats.”

Prior to Wednesday’s rally asked, while awaiting departure, if President Trump was engaging in campaign “fear-mongering,” over the caravan that is traveling through Mexico to head to the U.S. Border, President Trump replied “No,” he isn’t.

Trump: No I don’t think so whatever it is here’s the thing. I don’t view suburban districts or any other district, I view the country. Our country has to be safe by the way women we are doing very well with women vote, because they want security, they want safety, they don’t want these people pouring into our country totally unchecked and when you look at what happened to the Mexican police and you look at what happened two days ago to the Mexican Military. They are not coming into our country.

President Trump has also told reporters and rally goers alike that he can end birthright citizenship with an Executive Order.

As a reminder, the rally that President will hold on Thursday will not be covered by the News Blender, nor will the next several that President Trump has planned ahead of the mid-term election on Tuesday.

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