The Post It Note Election Edition 11/6/18

Welcome to The News Blender’s coverage of the 2018 Midterm Elections.

Tonight’s Post It Note is a special Election Edition with Live Feeds of Election Coverage and election links for you to follow the results as they come in.

Political Junkies, this is your Open Thread for the evening, so enjoy!

Election Day has finally arrived. Tonight and into this week we will learn who is in and who is out.

Will the Democrats take the House or the Senate?

Will Republicans maintain the three branch majority?

Will Senator Ted Cruz (R) from Texas lose to Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D)?

Will Georgia have it’s first Woman Governor?

Polling leading up to election day has shown tight races across the states, with some simply to close too call. Run offs might be a thing going into December. And as Rick Wilson author of Everything Trump Touches Dies noted on Twitter, 2020 starts at Midnight, so let us heed rule 11.

For election coverage on the net

The New York Times

 Real Clear Politics 

Live Feed 1 CBS News

Live Feed Number 2 FOX News

Live Feed  3 PBS News Hour

Live Feed 4 NBC News

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