TNB Night Owl – Big Knickers

Knickers The Cow. Image Capture by TNB.

Size matters.

Australia is one of the world’s largest beef producing countries.  They regularly deal with different varieties of cattle, and they know how to butcher a steer.

In the case of one steer, though, problems arose.  Specifically, the animal is too large to fit into the normal production lanes for the slaughterhouses.

Meet Big Knickers, who weighs about three thousand pounds and stands well over six feet tall.  He lives on a feedlot in Myalup, Australia, a few dozen miles south of Perth.

Big Knickers went up for auction last month by his owner, Geoff Pearson.  Despite some impressed beef buyers, Big Knicker’s immensity kept him from being bought,  Confronted with the reason, and after multiple attempts, Pearson gave up and brought BK back home.  He’s expected to live out the rest of his life there, being followed around by herds of wagyu cattle as if he were a sports star and they were adoring fans.

Unfortunately, he won’t be passing on his genetic propensity for enormity; steers are castrated.

Question of the night: What’s your favorite beef dish?

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