TNB Night Owl – The Stolen Colon

Giant Inflatable Colon. Image captured by TNB.

Beth reported in the Note on October 20th about the giant inflatable colon which was stolen from the bed of a pickup truck in Kansas.  It is the property of the Colon Cancer Coalition and is used to initiate discussions about colorectal cancer, which strikes roughly 1 out of every 23 people in America.  The immense imitation body part, normally stored at the University of Kansas Cancer Center, was being transported to a cancer relay walk fundraiser when it was taken.

The value of the colon was estimated at $4000, but the actual value of it is virtually undefinable.  On the one hand, there’s very little use for an inflatable colon, and ten-foot-tall stolen property isn’t particularly easy to hide.  On the other hand, after the international attention the theft garnered, some would increase the value dramatically as it became a piece of pop history.

The relative value is moot, however.

There is good news.  Police reported on the 29th that the cancer screening aid has been found:

The person or persons who stole the colon, why they wanted it, what was done to it in the interval where it was missing, and the connection to the vacant house are still mysteries.  The colon is back, though, and colon cancer awareness promoters are thrilled.

They’re also thrilled for a second reason.  According to WTOP:

There is a silver lining to the story. Donations poured in after the theft and the coalition was able to purchase two replacement colons.”

Now there are not one, but three giant colons that will be staying at the University of Kansas.

Question of the night: What’s the first joke related to this story that jumps to your mind that hasn’t already been made in the comment section?


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