Bush’s service dog Sully will escort him to DC

After guarding President George H. W. Bush’s flag draped coffin, his loyal service dog Sully will accompany the late president’s casket on the flight to Washington DC, CNN reports. The 2-year-old yellow lab is named after the famous pilot who safely landed his damaged plane on the Hudson River in 2009.

Sully H.W. Bush came to President Bush, who suffered from a form of Parkinson’s disease, from America’s VetDogs in June after Barbara Bush passed away in April. Bush used a wheelchair in the last months of his life and Sully assisted him in daily activities. Sully is capable of performing a long list of commands: fetching items, opening doors, answering the phone, and summoning help, according to CBS News.

When Bush received Sully, Jim McGrath, Bush’s spokesman said, “As one person said, he can do just about anything except make you a martini, but not to worry, he can go get you someone to make you a martini.”

Sully has a huge following on Instagram where pictures of his life – at work and at play – were shared in his brief service to the 41st president, a well-known dog lover. Several pictures of the loyal dog at the feet of his “best friend” in his signature “rad” socks were shared, as well as, Sully’s play time at the beach and walks with the former president.

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Earlier this month, Sully accompanied Bush on his last public appearance, when he voted on November 1.  

Last night, McGrath posted a touching picture of Sully lying in front of President Bush’s casket, simply saying “Mission Complete”.

After Bush’s funeral and a brief stay with America’s VetDogs over the holidays, Sully’s service will continue as he reports for duty at Walter Reed Medical Center where he will help wounded vets with physical and occupational therapy, according to KTRK in Houston.  George W. Bush shared McGrath’s photo and wrote on Instagram, “As much as our family is going to miss this dog, we’re comforted to know he’ll bring the same joy to his new home, Walter Reed, that he brought to 41.”

CEO of America’s VetDogs, John Miller expressed his sympathy for the Bush family upon the death of President Bush and said, “It was truly an honor to have provided service dog Sully to be by the president’s side for the past several months. As a true patriot and a visionary, President Bush will forever be viewed by people with disabilities and their families as a hero through his efforts to enact the Americans with Disabilities Act. We are forever grateful to his service to the American people,” KTRK reported.

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