Fantasy to Football

Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Weekend Results

This last week results ended with a clinch into the post season and several still in the hunt and a few out after week 17 according to NFL.

In the battle of the birds the Falcons ran into a murder of crows loosing to the Ravens 26-16. The Broncos bucked off the Bengals 24-10 and the Rams sealed the deal into the post season by taming the lions 30-16. The Cardinals all but eliminated the perennial playoff Packers from this years post season beating them 20-17. 

The Dolphins tried to prove that Buffalo can’t swim beating the Bills 17-21. The Bears fell to the Giants 27-30 as did the last of the NFC North teams, Vikings lost to the Patriots 10-24. The Buccaneers declawed the Panthers 17-24 while the Jaguars blanked the streaking Colts 0-6. The Texans continued their winning ways beating the Browns 13-29 and the Titans did a fly-by of their own against the Jets beating them 22-26. 

The Chiefs ran a raid against the Raiders winning 40-33, but left some questions as to how the defense is going to act against some of the better teams in the league. The Seahawks ran over the 49ers in a rout  16-43 and the Chargers came into Heinz Field and beat the Steelers 33-30. Last years Champion Eagles remain alive beating the Redskins 13-28. 

Thursday Night

Thursday we will see the Jaguars face off against the Titans at Nissan Stadium in Nashville TN. After the Jags win against the Colts it still remains to be seen if they will stick with QB Cody Kessler or go back with Blake Bortles. The Titans at 6-6 are still not out of it yet, but need to continue to win and with some help may have a shot at the playoffs. Players to watch are QB of the Titans Marcus Mariota both the RB’s of each team TJ Yeldon Jags, and Derrick Henry Titans, along with WR Cory Davis of the Titans. 

Power Rankings

ESPN has the power rankings for all the teams but the top 5 are as follows. The number one spot belongs to the Los Angles Rams at 11-1. In the number two spot is the New Orleans Saints at 10-2 on the season. In number three is the Kansas City Chiefs with a record of 10-2. In fourth we have the New England Patriots 9-3 and in the fifth and final spot is the Los Angles Chargers at 9-3. 

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