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Fifty Yard Line. Photo by Go Daddy.

Sunday Results

If you watched the games this last weekend I hope you were not disappointed, I wasn’t. ESPN has all the statistics from each contest, but here is a brief rundown of each game on Sunday and Monday.

The Jets Buffaloed the Bills giving Sam Darnold the win over fellow rookie Josh Allen 27-23. The Browns leave the Panthers a little pale and give Cam and Carolina their fifth straight loss 20-26. 

The Green Bay Packers have a comeback week after the firing of their Coach last week and fry up some Falcon, winning 20-34. The Ravens make it very interesting in Kansas City when they push the Chiefs right up to the end, but loose 24-27.

In January we had the Minneapolis Miracle, Sunday they had the Miracle in Miami when on the last play in the last seconds of the game the Dolphins made a 69 yard two lateral play to beat the Patriots 33-34.

The Saints had their revenge against the Buccaneers who gave them their first loss of the year by winning 28-14. The Giants stomp on the Redskins, all but eliminating them from the post season 40-16. The Colts upset the Texans and bring their nine game winning streak to an end 24-21. The Bengals take on the Chargers and it was no shock that the Bolts won 21-26. The Eagles try to stay in the hunt facing the Cowboys, but Dallas proved to be an unwilling participant in the Eagles’ wishes beating them 23-29. 

The Raiders win just their third game of the season against the number one team in the AFC North the Pittsburgh Steelers 21-24. The Detroit Lions face the Arizona Cardinals in Phoenix and leave with the “W” holding the Cards to just a field goal while scoring 17 of their own. The Rams go to the frigid north to face the Bears in Soldier Field. The Bears defense hold the Rams to just 6 points and beat the number one team in the league 6-15. Monday night we saw the Vikings take on the Seahawks at the stadium they call the “12”. The Seahawks defense held the Vik’s to just a touchdown, winning the game 7-21. 

Power Rankings

The power has shifted a little this week, here is the rundown of the top five according to

In first we still have the New Orleans Saints and remain the team to beat in the NFC.

In Second place up two from last week are the Kansas City Chiefs who hold on to the lead in the AFC West, but face a tough opponent and division rival Los Angles Chargers on Thursday Night.

In third and down a spot from last week we see the Rams, even after their loss to the Bears on Sunday night the Rams are still a force to reckon with.

In the forth position and down one place from last week we see the Patriots. Their loss to Miami although probably a fluke does not deny their right to remain solidly in the top five.

Chargers hold their fifth spot and deservedly so. The Chargers face a tough test on Thursday facing the second team on this list Kansas City Chiefs. This game has the potential to be the game of the week and a must watch on Thursday. 

Thursday Night

On Thursday we have a big game with a number one spot on the line between two rival teams in the AFC West division. The Chargers travel to Kansas City to face off against the division leading Chiefs. Mister “No Look” himself Patrick Mahomes will face Phillip Rivers who is playing some of his best football in his veteran career. This should be a high scoring game between these two offensive power houses. The players to watch are the obvious QB, Patrick Mahomes with the Chiefs and QB, Phillip Rivers Chargers. Tyreek Hill WR, for the Chiefs and Keenan Allen WR, for the Chargers will receive the passes from the two QB’s.

Running the rock for both teams will be Spencer Ware of the Chiefs and as of right now Justin Jackson with the Chargers as Melvin Gordon is still questionable with a sprained MCL. We will see what lies in store for these two teams on Thursday night. 

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